eBay unveils new logo to worldwide *meh*

The moment you’ve been waiting for since 1995 has arrived. eBay has a new logo! See the official announcement here!!

Hot on the heels of this news, the verdict is in from the global design community….


Over the past 17 years, eBay has morphed into multibillion-dollar corporate behemoth.  Want to sell something online? Aside from Craigslist (which is still regional), there’s really only Amazon Marketplace if you must reach a national/global audience.  Use PayPal?  If you’re on eBay, of course you do!  It’s the only convenient payment method they offer.

Creative Review’s quick writeup on the new eBay logo is worth a read.  (It’s interesting to hear what the designers of the original, much scrappier v1 version of the eBay logo think about the change.)

The savvy logo-news geeks among us will note that eBay’s move follows Microsoft’s recently announced logo redesign.  That new logo features the ubiquitous RGBY color palette that has come to define gargantuan tech companies:

  • Hazzard County Red
  • It’s-not-easy-being Green
  • Smurftastic Blue
  • Vitamin-B12-urine Yellow

Google is one of the original perpetrators of the RGBY color trap.  But as David Hall points out, at least they keep a lifeline to the fun ship with frequent Google Doodles.

The company’s raison d’être for Doodles?  Get ready to have your corporate mar/comm cockles warmed…  According to Google, Doodles serve two purposes: “Celebrate Innovation” and “Establish and Grow an Emotional Connection with Users.”

Parting shot:

Change — especially when it comes to logos — is inevitable. But does it have to be so boring?

We raise a tall glass of milk to Google.  In spite of the fact that they remain an RGBY miscreant, they regularly slay the sacred cow of corporate branding consistency in the name of fun.  In the process, “fun” becomes a dimension that users naturally associate with the brand.  Delicious!


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